500g Original Flavours Range


For all those that love one of our original flavours and don’t feel like sharing an assorted pack.

Approximately 55 individually wrapper pieces per pack.


The Mondo Nougat Originals dates back to the early 1990’s when Mondo Patisserie would produce small batches of nougat each Christmas. Starting with our traditional ‘Torrone’ style Vanilla Crunchy and Vanilla Soft it didn’t take Alfonso long to experiment with new flavours.

The Original Assorted collection was released in 1997 and continues today with all 8 flavours using a Roasted Almond & Honey base.

Choose from an Assorted pack of the 7 soft flavours or simply select your favourite from-

Vanilla Crunchy
Vanilla Soft
Lemon Soft
Orange Soft
Apricot Soft
Cherry Soft
Chocolate Soft
Cappuccino Soft

Additional information

Weight .55 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 cm

Assorted Soft, Cappuccino Soft, Chocolate Soft, Orange Soft, Lemon Soft, Apricot Soft, Cherry Soft, Vanilla Crunchy, Vanilla Soft